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Vehicle Title Loan or Car Cash Loan in Lethbridge

Who are we? What is a Lethbridge car title loan?

We are a British Columbia and Alberta based company proudly serving BC since early 2000, and just recently Alberta.

We have helped get:

  • BC and Alberta car cash loans same day
  • Access funds quickly via our Lethbridge  car title loans
  • Same day cash loans
  • Short term loans and Long term loans of 2 years
  • Vehicle title loans or car title loans
  • Boat, RV, or other vehicle loans

What is a Lethbridge Car title loan?

If you have clear title of your car or vehicle you can qualify for an instant cash loan for $1,000 to $25,000 instantly!

Use your vehicle to secure a loan today, when you need the fast cash loan, use a car cash loan and get real cash for your car with Real Car Cash by filling in the application here! has licensed vendors that will loan money based on the value of your vehicle, otherwise known as “auto title loans or car title loans” in Lethbridge. Our licensed vendors have programs that provide you with quick access to cash based on the value of your paid off Car, Truck, Van, Suv, Rv or Boat, NOT your credit score! Your vehicle is your credit. Remember we loan you the money, and you get to keep your vehicle!

We respect your privacy & guarantee confidentiality

  • Bad Credit – No Credit Check
  • No Job – No Job Requirements
  • Loan Term – 2 year terms available
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Keep Your Vehicle!  – Vehicle Loans that let you keep using your car to make cash!
  • CONFIDENTIAL – We don’t hurt your credit like other loaning agents who’s search raise red flags when you look for money from them!
  • Get Money Within the Hour! Cash for simply a Car Title Loan, you own the car, you get cash!No up front fees
  • Easy application process:
  • Long term payments up to 2 years
  • Instant cash right on the spot; we fund deals immediately

Vehicle Title Loans that let you keep using your car to make cash! And you get real car cash loans instantly in Lethbridge.

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